Avenue East Cobb Redefined

Avenue East Cobb (AEC) originally opened in 1999 as one of the first outdoor, pedestrian-friendly retail developments in the US. North American Properties (NAP) entered a joint venture partnership with PGIM Real Estate in July 2021 to reposition AEC as the community’s third place. In September of 2023, NAP completed their redevelopment vision that focusing on engaging the public realm and elevating the overall guest experience through an infusion of resort-level hospitality and experiential programming. AEC has been redefined as a comfortable, family-friendly, social gathering hub that evokes a sense of local pride and inspires a new generation of memories.

Construction Updates

  • 7.24.23 – News trees were installed into The Plaza and additional landscaping completed around other areas of the project.

  • 7.12.23 – Concrete was poured into The Plaza to create the new patio’s and outline for the turf.

  • 5.15.23 – Walls in the jewels boxes were waterproofed and completed to prep for inspections.

  • 4.25.23 – Concrete was poured to create the newly designed turn-around lanes.

  • 3.24.23 – All underground work for jewel box 1 + 2 has been complete. The foundation for jewel box 1 (Soon-to-be Press Waffle Co.) is in progress.

  • 2.1.23 – Signage featuring the new logo for Avenue East Cobb has been installed to the front of building F.

  • 1.25.23 – Phase 4 of the fencing layout has been set. This is the final phase of fencing relocation around the construction. *The outer drive path will remain open and in the same position for the duration of the project. 

  • 1.20.23 – The underground work has been completed for Jewel Box 1. Construction teams are now preparing to pour concrete and begin the build-out.

  • 12.15.22 – Construction work has begun for Phase 1 including the demolition of Bravura.

  • 11.9.22 – Barricades have been added and parking has been adjusted to accommodate the beginning of construction.

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Live Construction Feed

The Plaza

The Stage + Jumbo LED Screen

The Deck | Soft lounge seating for all to enjoy

The Plaza


July 2023
Trees + additional landscaping installed.
May 2023
Structure + bricking completed for Jewel Box H + G.
April 2023
Portico in the process of completion.
March 2023
Completed the framework of Jewel Box G + H.
February 2023
Updated logo installed to the front of building F.
January 2023
Demolition is underway and prep for the Plaza has begun
November 2022
Building crews begin executing on NAP’s redevelopment vision
October 2022
Finalized architecture and design plan
June 2022
Rezoning Approved
November 2021
New Holiday decor installed
October 2021
Avenue Express arrived on property
October 2021
Mural installed next to Panera
September 2021
Signature Events Begin
July 2021
North American Properties steps in to manage Avenue East Cobb
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